My karma ran over my dogma...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"she plunged my butt!"

cast of characters:

french plumber
super sexy corpse bride
sally from nightmare before christmas
a southern belle
something funky with horns

so we had fun trick or treating but not as fun as b4 its def. getting old u know? but i got tons of candy so it was great!

THE SHINING YAY i wanna see it again now!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


haha this is my daddy when he was in college isnt that the most hysterical pic u've ever seen? knowing my dad, that is...

why is everything about me in my mind?

sry i havent posted in a while, just been really lazy...

not much new news in my life, just soccer... which i'm not going to blabber on about anymore!

dont u wish you could go up to random people and be like, "be my friend"!? that would make life so much greater. or, "tell me why you feel bad and ill make it better." like, wouldnt that be so great if people actually told u stuff, and then u could make it better? but then if they were someone that u didnt really wanna talk to then it would suck. because i find myself telling stuff to people that i dont really want to tell, i know that i dont want them to know certain things but i tell them anyway and fuck everything up.

so... why is everything about me in my mind? i watched this awesome movie called What the bleep do we know? about how nothing is real only what we perceive it is... it was amazing...anyway...

so i was bored so i added a pic from montana... we camped in a copse of trees right in front of me and i skinny dipped in that freezing freezing lake it was like jumping in ice and then i climbed that mountain, i just decided to climb it. i didnt get to the very top, thats way too steep i would fall over. its a HELL of a lot taller than it looks, from halfway up i couldnt even see our tents, next to where I'm standing in the pic. so i got nervous and decided to come down. also i was barefoot and i was getting rlly steep and there was nettles.

oo this is fun im gonna put another pic on!

yay canada max I LOVE YOU!

4th year trip... happy days!

the people we went hiking w/ in Montana, except for the old guy in the front. the guy molly's sitting on is hot! he lives in canada and plays soccer!...but REALLY bad pic of me dont look at that

Monday, October 10, 2005


so my parents have lauched an exciting new initiative (that's a direct quote) to fine me money everytime i cuss. Here's a list of words i suddenly cant use:

here are the words that are acceptable:
o dear
dear me

i mean what the fucking bloody hell? i started crying and laughing hysterically and had to go downstairs.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Coffee makes synagogue so much more fun…

So I was being all Jewish this weekend. We went to Shabbat dinner with friends and burnt off all the calories playing with the daughter Shifra who we call Shoeface, long story. Anyway, we spent the time running around and throwing like fifty pairs of underwear on the fan and then they would fly off when we turned it on and we’d run around trying to catch them. So that was cool.

The next morning we stayed at synagogue the whole friggin time, which hardly ever happens. We came early at 9 for the rabbi’s class and then services until 1. But it was our turn to do the Oneg so we had to prepare all the food and stuff and wait till people were gone and clean up and then go home. So it was pretty tiring and annoying, except for there was this guy…

He just kinda popped out of nowhere I saw him last week for the first time, and like talked to him a little. He’s hot in a kind of Jewish/Middle-eastern-ish way, and it was really great because he kept looking at me… Molly was tormenting him and tying his shoelaces together and stealing his kipah and pulling his tie and stuff and I just kept like catching his eye and laughing. Except we didn’t really talk much so I don’t know his name or how old he is, and I didn’t want to be like, umm… what’s your name? I do know he goes to East and has a brother in 8th grade. I think he’s a little older than me but I hope not too much cuz that would suck I’d have to tell him how old I was and then he’d be like, umm never mind.

Keep ya’ll updated on my ‘nice Jewish boy’ (who are his people?) haha get it? exept for I'll see him next on Yom Kippur at Kol Nidre on Wed. and that kinda sux cuz it's Yom Kippur and all serious and important and fasting and wear white and shit, so i have to be really demure and not wear anything remotely tight. Superjew people don't wear makeup or contacts or stuff and i think the Orthodox prolly do other stuff like that, but screw it...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

so... although I've definately told all of you except maybe lena cuz i havent had time to respond to our great long email running thing BUT i am going to type it again because it's so exciting. : ) yay

ok so we'd driven up to the coast (we were playing Coastal Crew) and that's like a 3 hour long drive and really stressful because we have to beat everyone in our division to move up to first division and we have and should beat everybody except the Wilson team and when we play them that's going to be reallyreallyreally stressful but ANYWAY...
so it was at the very end of the second half w/ maybe ten min. left, and this girl (#99) was trying to get the ball past and she was like pulling and grabbing at me so i got mad and pulled on her jersey. It was right in front of the other team's parents and she turned around and punched me in the face. so i slapped her and we started to like, fight, and it was SO fun... *giggle*...
so then she kicked me and the ref pulled us apart and gave her a red card and send her off the field. and then he gave me a yellow card. the parents were like three feet away, and like freaking out at me and yelling really nasty things at me and the ref and i know it was stupid but i cracked up and kinda chuckled a little... and then the parents REALLY freaked out at me and it was funny cuz, i mean, they were adults acting like little kids. anyway, my coach took me out, just to be safe and there was only like 10 min. left. then we scored three more goals in the last five min. and won 6-1 and life is good and my coach called me Rocky... : )

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hey there lover

jeramie's mascara dries on her eyelashes, i want that kind! and then it's all hard and stays on.

ben is my twin...

i hear the school bus outside heehee stupid public schools

...and that is my life.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

grr headache stupid kids

ive got a mindblock from the foundations essay im trying to type grrr. it's molly's bday party and ive been running around all day first getting everything ready and then slaving away to the whims of a bunch of 11 year olds (no, i want VANILLA ice cream, not mint chocolate chip!)

anyway, i have a headache from them running around screaming and trying to write my essay isnt working. jesus, who knew m's friends were that crazy? i certainly didn't. i guess we're crazy too but at least my friends dont run around and jump up and down and scream at the top of their lungs for five hours, we just dont have the energy.

but life is good which makes me happy...
i've been happier then usual, that makes me happy too....