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Monday, June 27, 2005

Stupid stupid quiz

this is for me, not for u, so don't read it. Just skip this and read the entry b4 it.

1. First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Allen. That was the year I broke the pencil sharpener- LONG story
2. Last person you kissed: uhh what kind?
3. Last word you said: "sure whatever"
4. Last song you sang: That Don't Impress Me Much (see previous entry)
5. Last person you hugged: oh god I have no idea! Maybe Maddy? wow
6. Last thing you laughed at: Finding Shania Twain and Britany Spears in a 17- yr-old guy's mp3 player and singing to it
8. What's in your CD player: um...International Folk Songs for Solo Singers- Soprano ( it has my song on it)
9. What socks are you wearing: none
10. What's under your bed: a futon and some spiderwebs and probably a few lost odds and ends
12. Current taste: what a stupid question. what is that supposed to mean?
13. Current hair style: a bun that fell to past my neck
14. Current clothes: soccer shirt and stretchy jean shorts
15. Current Job: BABYSITTING! did twice today
16. Current longing: skinnydipping!
17. Current desktop picture: a pic of the awesome hotel we stayed at for my godmother's wedding
18. Current worry: forgetting to take the spanish test and not getting into the class
19. Current hate: being lonely and a leper a soccer
20. Story behind your username: what?
21. Current favorite article of clothing: MY NEON GREEN AWESOME BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. Last CD that you bought: wow, um, i have no idea...last cd i got was a burned 70's mix from henry...
26. Time you wake up in the morning: this morning, 8:30ish, last morning, 5:30 ahhhhhh
27. If you could play a new instrument, what would it be? violin
30. Favorite books:I'm reading Earth, my dad's sci-fi book
34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Will
35: Favorite day: Thursday
36: Where do you want to go: every continent in the world, and maybe live in Australia for a while
37. What is your career going to be: no friggin idea. something that is fun to me but i make lotsa dough
39. What kind of car will you have: a Prius or some small, zippy car
40. A random lyric: you're hell on wheels in a black dress
41. Eye Color: stupid friggin brown
42. Hair Color:stupid friggin brown
43. Righty or Lefty: righty
44. Innie or Outtie: Innie
45. Your middle name: Weston i guess?
46. The shoes you wore today: sneaks
47. Your hair: frizzy, needs to get chopped off really short
48. Your weakness: self pity, being mad
50. Your most recent secret? obviously is not going to be told
51. Your thoughts first waking up: shit, i have to go babysit (also the first word spoken: shit)
52. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: mouth/ chin/ hair
53. Your bedtime: none
54. Your most missed companion: why on earth would i say?
56. Sweet and Chewy or Salty and Crunchy: def. both
58. Dogs or Cats: cats
59. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: YUM tea!
60. Chocolate or vanilla: both, depedning on my mood
62. Smoke: nope...
63. Curse: yea probably too much
64. Sing: of course- stupid but i love it
65. Take a shower everyday: def. not
66. Have a crush: not really
67. Think you've been in love: def. not
68. Want to go to college: yeah, but spend a year WWOOFing (Willing workers on organic farms)
69. Want more than what you've got: course who doesnt?
70. Want to get married: well, i wanna have a partner...
71. Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: yep
73. Think you?re a health freak: yea:)
.74. Get along with your parents: mostly
75. Play an instrument: my voice?
76. Drink: tea yay!
78. Done a drug: course not stupid im a friggin good girl
81. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: now what do u think?
84. Made homemade cookies: yes, v. v. good
86. Dyed your hair: nuh uh
89. Been caught cheating: no
93. Cried at something beautiful: yea!
94. Spent too much money on something you didn't need:duh
95. Cried when someone died: no
96. Been so angry you cried: yes
97. Lied for attention: um, yeah
98. My name is: Rumplestiltskin
99: Love is: prob. doesnt exist
2. If I could see one person right now: everyone!

Richmond and Sutton or however u spell his name

The bus ride to and from Richmond the first day was a living hell. Imagine yourself in the most socially awkward position, with a bored seat mate who then sits w/ someone else on the way back, and multiply by six hours. On the way back, we shared the bus with the U12 or U13 boys. Need I say more.
The trip the next morning at least didn't send me into internal hysterics, probably cuz I got up and 5:30 am, decided to screw avoiding being a social leper, so I got my own 2 seats and slept most of the way. Plus we shared the bus with the U17 boys, who seemed to be a quiet lot.
Five minutes away from the fields, I realized that this was the team Sutton (HOTHOTHOT) was on, and that he was sitting in the back.
Then we lost 5-2. The boys hadn't finished their game yet, so we watched their game to see them lose by one point and Sutton get a red card. It was crazy- our team was a lot more physical then he was. But anyway, the Spanish people behind us muttered, "polito loco" which, according to Shea, means 'crazy chicken.' Which I am assuming was a comment directed at the ref.
ANYWAY, the ride back was bearable because people actually decided to talk to me. Then this guy gets up to go to the bathroom at the back of the bus (don't ask) and I steal his MP3 player. (He happened to be the best-looking of the lot, other then possibly Sutton). He's got all this super-cussing rap wierd stuff, and I nudge Frank (Frances but don't call her that) and say,
"That would be so funny if he has, like, Britany Spears on here"
and he looks at us and goes, "um....", takes his thing back and flips thru the songs.
We spend a good few minutes singing 'Toxic' and then the bus stops for a pit stop (a bunch of girls really had to go but refused to use the bus bathroom). Me and Frank had a blast walking around singing "That don't Impress Me Much' by Shania Twain, and it was so cool!
Then I spent a while listening to his other songs, and decide I like some of Dispatch, whoever they are. Could someone please lend me a CD of them if they have one (hint Joe? possibly). Meanwhile, he's listening to my iPod, moaning and droning Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Britany SPears, etc. loudly until we have to trade again because the rest of the bus can't stand it any more. It turns out that he is going to Elon University next year (where my dad teaches). Isn't that wierd?
Oh, and I ask Sutton about US gossip:
Him: Um, you go to my school, right?
Me: Yeah...
Him: So you mean who I hooked up with?
Well, I went out with Hannah Gordan for a while...
Me: Eww, Spencer!
Him: Yea, she was different when I went out with her.
I haven't been interested in girls here for a while...
Are you excited about coming to US?
Me: Sort of...
end of convo.
he was boring. Plus I would have so totally fallen in love w/ the other guy exept i forgot his name and he was 17. But whatever.
Anyway, I miss ya'll!
call me 401 4150

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


People think I'm crazy for running voluntarily, and I don't have a good comeback or reason why exactly, other then the vague, 'well, I need to be fit for soccer..." but now I think i have the answer!

Yesterday at practice we did fitness, at the Duke football stadium (humongus and scary big). After running and doing ladders and wall sits and pushups and stuff (don't ask me why you need arm strength for soccer), we ran up and down the stairs of half the stadium! Sprint, jog, hit every step, then lunges, then over again. And you know what? I FELT GREAT! It was the best feeling in the world, like the primal sense of survival. Everyone's calves were shaking, and i was standing there looking way down at the track, thinking, "my god, i could run down there and do a mile, right now!"

Not like anyone cares at all, but I need to explain why I run, just for moments like that and for myself, plus it feels great! I want to go back on my own and do that by myself later! OK now I really am nuts...

Hey, grapefruit scent on women makes them seem about six years younger to men... hmmm...

Anyway, on another note, weaving camp is looking up! We finally started to weave after a day and a half of setting up and stringing the looms, etc. It's FUN!! (go to )

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Guess what color my uniform for the summer league thingie is?

It's ORANGE! bright, neon orange. Which put me in a good mood even though we had to drive like 45 min. and we lost. BUT, I PLAYED! I didn't think that I would play much, cuz this is the thing with all the crazy- good Navy team people, but i played more than a half! I was so excited!

And guess what? Three airplane trips (Durham to Toronto, Toronto to Missoula, and Missoula to Durham) costs $681. Quite a deal, I'd say, considering one could buy 1 expensive flight for about that.
Eww this Nature Valley bar is tasteless. Maybe it's because my mouth and toungue are burnt from the hot chai i had at Francesca's after seeing Pilobolis, which, by the way, was AMAZING! just... awesome.

And guess what? A six- legged puppy with two penises was found in Malaysia! Go here for details.

Anyway, I got home, showered, made my Father's Day present. Got on the computer. Fell into a stinking hole of bad-mood-iness.
So weird. I never had time before to have the luxury of sitting on my bad moods and letting them fester- I usually just worked or soccered them out. But recently I've been having all these weird moods, and biting off the heads of everyone around me. Maybe it's that honored summer tradition: who can have-the-most-fun-and-do-the-most-stuff-and-see-the-most-friends before the next year. Cuz i simply suck at that game.
Or maybe it's cuz Meg and Mad just got back from Bald Head together, JPO and JJ are at Emerald Pt. together, Sonja's going to Austria, Joe's going to Sweden, Max went to the beach, and we decided not to go to Italy. I have...
God, I just forgot what I was going to say. I just get sad, or mad, or depressed whenever tiny things happen, ditto with things cheering me up.
See, I actually have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm just some random teenager spilling shit over the internet, ranting on about nonsense without realizing that no one cares, not even she will care, given a month, a week, a few days. So what's the point?
The point must be to put myself in a good mood so I can enjoy going out to Sitar India for Father's Day tonight, I think. Yes, that must be it. See, now I know why people spaz out- their body says, "whoa, you're getting way too serious." What i need is a nice, big, spaz attack with somebody. Anyone game?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I miss the 4th year trip

well, folks, I finally got around to getting those 4th year pics online!
(three cheers for Flickr! Hip hip hooray!)

so they are at...

K so check them out!

Summer blues

I hate summer.

I have this lingering feeling always clinging to me that there's so much important stuff to do that I'm not doing but can't for the life of me remember what, although I know it is not writing in my blog.

I haven't been doing much of anything. I went to the first ADF dance, which pretty much sucked. I cleaned up all the icons of my computer, fucked up iTunes, read a lot, slept a lot, etc.

BUT, weaving camp is approaching! We finished sanding and oiling the looms last week, and today we're going to buy wool. Although Max and Mad are both at the beach so it'll just be Kathryn, me, and my bitchy little *$%#@ sister. In case you haven't noticed, she just really pissed me off. AND while I was (sortof) patiently explaining to her why what she had done pissed me off, she just walked out the door................................

Speaking of which, she went to her voice lesson yesterday, right before I went. Have I mentioned this new annoyance yet? I don't think so...
Anyway, my MOTHER decided that she was sick of hearing Molly go around singing off-key all the time, and decided Molly was going for voice too. It wasn't even Molly's decision! So now, in addition to wriggling her way into my special thing, she's also starting way earlier and way better than me when I started. It's SUPPOSEDLY going to only last over the summer, but yea right. Like she's going to want to stop after a few lessons. We both do soccer, but I don't really mind that cuz she's only in rec. But with singing, she had effectively stolen it from me! Molly is taking it from the same person, using my books, and singing songs from Pocahontas, God help us all.

I just wish there was something really important that I was doing. I don't usually get too depressed like some people because I have soccer, always too busy to like, dwell on stuff. But now it's all coming crashing down. No that's too melodramatic. I just wish I had something to do.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Party Rant and Graduation

Yea, um, I kinda lost my temper...
Sorry if I snapped at you at the party, and if I didnt, well, fuck you.

Kirsten was like freaking out, and I got SO angry. Does anybody know or care that secondhand smoke could send her to the hospital, or take months off her life, or kill her? I don't know that much about CF, but I know enough to get mad. Those assholes were just like, ummm whatever. So I guess I'm mad at:

Rebecca: for being to busy making out to host her own damn party to make sure her friend didn't go to the hospital

Ryan/Megan: because I thought they were too cool to do sumthing like that (I don't care about the rest of the assholes)

And myself: I guess Kirsten needed me but I hate that I felt guilty leaving the party and considered what people would think and stuff...

maybe I should back up and talk about graduation.
Ya'll know how in the yearbook, the page of "you know you're at CFS when..."? well one of the things is "...when graduation ceremony consists of sitting in silence with boxes of tissues."
Well, that totally covers it. I guess I can blame it on the fact that I have a bad cold, but the truth was that I was crying buckets. The mound of tissues that Dru, Maddy, and mostly me produced was overflowing. I cried most when all my buddies got their roses, and then when Leon turned on the song "forever young". That was the hardest part. Oh and when Mig had me turn around and threw her arms around me. And then I got hugs from the hot guys... heehee.
After kinda puttering around afterwards, we went to the pool... YEAH!
TampaxMax I love your crazy tan!!

Then I pulled an Aja at the party with my short jean skirt and preppy little shirt. It was really fun until I got mad.
Thanks for doing that, though Becca- I still love you...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hey guys, check out my random pictures. I was bored so I made my self a Flickr account. It's on my sidebar but if you're lazy like me, you can click here. Wait never mind it doesn't work. Just look at the sidebar under pictures!

See those who are going at the picnic!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pee pee

The reason I haven't been on the computer for a few days is directly related to pee, hence the title. See, a while back the sewage pipes had a little leakage problema and kinda dripped pee on the carpet in the down-downstairs. (Those familiar with the down-downstairs, kindly recall those pipes on the ceiling, you know, the ones painted like tree branches? Yeah. Right over my computer.) Being a maniac-ly busy family, we didn't get around to getting a carpet cleaner person over till now, when I complained one more time about the smell (it actually wasnt that gross, it just had an odd smell.) However, getting a super carpet clean up job means that everything on the floor had to get off. Again, everyone familiar with the down-downstairs will remember what a disaster zone it is. So, we spent a billion hours cleaning everything off the floor, unpacking my computer, desk, etc., like EVERYTHING. What a wonderful activity to be doing when you are sick as a... sick as a... weasel?
Anyway, now the smell is gone, and the down-downstairs is SUPER-CLEAN- not neccesarily carpetwise, but everything is picked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A miraccle:
I rest my case.
So that is my wonderful fabby-fab life, folks.
Oh, and I went shopping.

Friday, June 03, 2005


My throat hurts, my nose is all snotty, my stomach is nauseated, and I hate puking. It's funny, I'd rather have any kind of physical pain then throw up. Unfortunatly for me, that isn't an option.
To pass the time and get out of cleaning up, I'll list the synonyms for vomit. Sony, remember the great time we had thinking up all these? Did we ever look of a thesaurus? And I remember grossing your mom out in the car.

throw up
toss the cookies
ride the porcelain bus
*praying to the porcelain god* (thank you, Joe)

was that all? I can't remember any more. Ahh, good old days.
I wanted to do the marbling paper thing at school, too. I never got to make a good one. Stupid people. Now I have to study for Spanish cuz I never got around to taking the test... grrr. I hate it.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Haha I bet you're dying to know what I have to say about sex now!

I hate the end of school, everything is so messed up. Messed-freaking-up. Or maybe it's just me changing, but it's like half summer and people are either walking around in a half-sleeping trance waiting for school to end, or freaking out cuz of stuff they haven't done yet or wish they should have, or people holding on to the last shreds of school not wanting it to end. I'm just not really thinking about it- it'll end when it ends. But that has put me in a nervous/sad-but-not-really-depressed/elated/ahhh what am I going to do in my spare time/ahh next year/ahhh SLEEP mood. The latter is encouraged by my explo Dreams, in which I sleep half the time anyway so spend most of it in a sort of stupor.
I have discovered a new love of embroidery (at least my version of it) and so I just sew away while Nancy is just talking. This is the class:
Samantha- teacher's pet-ing and asking for book titles to read out of class, etc. always the first one on a project
Maxine- buddying w/ me and talking about sex with David
David- hanging on to Max, looking at naked people in the dream books
Firsty boys- on the computer the whole time and making annoying comments and being really immature
Spencie- not picking up on social hints and being annoying
Austin- staying out of everyone's way
Spencer and Ryan- off in their own corner, offering weird/annoying/hysterical comments occaisonally


Unfortunatly, I have no miracle insights on the subject of sex, contrary to the title of this entry. It's just annoying the crap out of me.
And that's all, folks.

Until later,

Anna Ruth :)